Board of Directors

Member-owners of the Black Star Co-op comprise the Members’ Assembly. The Members’ Assembly elects a 9-seat Board of Directors, and the Board oversees the Workers’ Assembly. Directors are elected to three-year terms on a staggered basis. This ensures a constant flow of new ideas into the Board room while maintaining a continuity of leadership. The Board employs the Policy Governance™ model — a leadership model designed specifically for Boards of Directors that allows them to focus on big issues while effectively delegating operational decisions to the Workers’ Assembly. In addition, we have slightly modified the Policy Governance™ model to include the Members’ Assembly in setting the Co-op’s Ends policies. 

You can follow the Board of Directors meetings on their blog. To contact the Board of Directors, email them at 

Kenley Maddux, Board President 
Kenley Maddux was born and raised in Ohio. He graduated from the Ohio State University and the Washington University School of Law. He moved to Austin in 2010 with his wife Dana Vantrease, and is now employed in state government. Dana and Kenley celebrated the birth of their first child, Esme, in November 2012.
Term Expires: 2016

Charles Hueter, Secretary
Charles Hueter is an Army brat and moved almost immediately to Alaska after he was born in New Jersey. Twenty years and four states later, he finally settled down in Austin in 2000 and has lived here ever since.  He is an avid photographer, road tripper, and collector of unread books. Charles has worked in public education risk management since moving to Austin and his job gives him fantastic opportunities to see and explore central and west Texas.  His east side location and taste for the wider, wilder world of beer is what drew his attention to the informal Black Star meetings in 2005 and he's proud of his April 2, 2006 membership date.  Though partial to things hoppy, he switches from cheapo tallboys to fluids dark and casked with ease and he does not discriminate against other styles...except sours.  After a brief and unsuccessful fling with the University of Texas at Austin, Charles graduated magna cum laude from St. Edwards University in 2011 with a degree in Communications.  Ask him about his yeard sometime.
Term Expires: 2017

Annelies Lottmann
Annelies first discovered Black Star from afar, surfing the web in her Manhattan law office to find good beer and food back home in Austin.  She’s a skilled community organizer with over a decade of experience supporting civil societyeverywhere from a middle school classroom in the former USSR to a schoolyard farm in Brooklyn, New York. After she received her law degree from UT in 2008, Annelies turned her focus to issues affecting small-scale sustainable food producers in cities around the United States.   Now she cooperates with other local gardeners to bring homegrown veggies to markets here in Austin.  No surprise, then, that she joined the Board here at the Co-op where local food and fair labor practices rub elbows nightly over a glass of Vulcan.
Term Expires: 2016

Steve Basile
Hailing from Albany, NY, Basile survived a technology career dating back to the 80s, in New England and ultimately in New York City. A tiny company called Tivoli brought him to Austin in 1993, where he became the company’s first Technology Evangelist, and ultimately the VP of Marketing. He foolishly left that goldmine to work for a promising but ultimately doomed dotcom startup. Under-employed but happy, he began helping a local pub with their advertising and marketing. After a while he started getting mail there. So the Publican made him an offer, and suddenly “ol’ Jed’s behind the bar.” Basile is now a partner with “worldwide” marketing responsibilities for B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub on 6th Street. He is an avid watch collector, Patriots fan, former home brewer and Charter Black Star member-owner since 2006. (and most people call him “Basile,” pronounced like the herb).
Term Expires: 2016

Cole Noppenberg
Cole loves the blend of art and innovation that characterizes Austin, and he is proud to be part of the Black Star Co-op.  As an engineer, he has been involved with Austin's community radio cooperative, and he has influenced the policies and practices of startups and established corporations worldwide.  He enjoys biking Austin's parks and greenbelts.
Term Expires: 2018


Michael Handy
A native Houstonian, Michael moved to Austin immediately after college to pursue his engineering career.  Not long after, he discovered Austin's fast-growing scene for good food and good beer.  Black Star Co-op's combination of both made for a perfect match, and he has been a regular customer since the beginning.  After being gifted with membership for a Christmas present, he - like all good engineers - became fascinated with the mechanics of how the co-op worked, which fueled his continued involvement.  In his off hours, he enjoys attending concerts and music festivals, renovating his vintage home, and cooking deliciously unhealthy Southern-style food for friends and family.  He's an enthusiastic connoisseur of IPAs and gourmet food trucks, and boasts a substantial collection of souvenir beer glasses.
Term Expires: 2017

Beth Beutel
Beth Beutel was born and raised in Houston. She briefly ran away from Texas to attend the University of Southern California where she earned a BA in English in 2006. Some post-collegiate wondering and navel gazing later, Beth moved to Austin in February 2008 to pursue her lifelong dream of not living in Houston. She still visits frequently for family, friends, and art museums. In April 2008, she was hired at Wheatsville Co-op and quickly became passionate about the cooperative difference. She joined Black Star in 2008 and put a paycheck’s worth of money in the investor share offering. In her free time she can be found reading non-fiction books, cuddling or playing with her two large dogs, exploring the joys and challenges of owning a duplex with her boyfriend, and pretending to garden.
Term Expires: 2018