Daily business operations are managed by a professional staff, organized as the Workers’ Assembly. The Workers’ Assembly functions as a democratically self-managed workplace, meaning that all workers have a voice in the operations of the Co-op. As outlined in our Ends’ Policies decided on by the Member-Owners, all workers are paid a fair living wage and are provided excellent benefits during their employment with Black Star Co-op. 

The Workers’ Assembly is divided into four teams:

  • Beer Team – The Beer Team designs and brews our house-made beer selections. This team also hosts member-design forums to develop beers like Elba; home brew competitions where the winning ale is brewed in house and served on tap, like Old Sour Dewberry and the Depths of Despair; and home brewing or sensory analysis classes. 
  • Kitchen Team – Craft delicious, seasonal, local and/or sustainable Texas pub fare, southern comfort foods that pair well with craft beer. The Kitchen Team also prepares our Irrational menu, daily food specials which highlight seasonal favorites, game, and recommended pairings with certain draughts.
  • Business Team – Responsible for financial administration, Human Resources, marketing, and membership management, the Business Team also offers support functions to other teams. They help coordinate events, provide sponsorship when available, and assist in reserving space or kegs for a special events.
  • Pub Team – Curate and serve seasonal local, national, and international craft beers for our tap wall. The Pub Team is the face of your Co-op, available to provide expert knowledge and insight in choosing a pint that will make your stomach smile, without causing any serious medical conditions. And if you want to add a fried egg to your sandwich or try some of our house-made malt vinegar aioli, they can help you with that as well!

Each team elects a leader to facilitate inter-team communication, handle work performance issues, and oversee operational performance. Each team can exercise autonomy in decision-making for team-specific operations, but decisions that affect all workers, such as remuneration and structure, are decided upon by the voting body of the Workers’ Assembly. The Workers’ Assembly as a whole elects a liaison to the Board of Directors, and this Board-Staff Liaison acts as the line of accountability between the governance of the Co-op and business operations.

The Co-op currently employs 27 workers, of which 18 are fully invested voting members of the Workers’ Assembly. Newly hired workers participate in a one-year apprenticeship period, and upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, are eligible to join the voting body of the Workers’ Assembly. For more information about employment opportunities, please visit our careers page HERE.