Black Star Co-op Member Ownership


Black Star Co-op Member Ownership

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In its simplest definition, a co-operative is a business that is owned and directed by the people that it serves–its membership. Members of Black Star Co-op OWN one membership share, all members have equal voting power to elect the Board of Directors, and members set the long term goals of the Co-op in the form of Ends policies. Anyone over the age of 21 can become a member-owner, and as of May 2014, we have over 3,300 member-owners.

In addition to democratic participation, benefits of membership include: 

  • Weekly discounts on Tuesday Member Owner Pint Nights
  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter
  • Invitation to Members-only events
  • Discounts during Member Appreciation Events
  • Free beer on your co-op birthday
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Future patronage benefit

Each membership share is priced at $150, but new member-owners can get started at just $40 and make payments over time. Two people who share a mailing address can also join together, but each is assessed a full membership share.

Membership shares are priced at $150 for single individuals, or $300 for two individuals who share a mailing address. Payments can be made over time, as long as one payment is made per year in order to remain in good standing with the Co-op. If you have additional questions about membership in the Co-op, contact us

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