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The Dockhand Days of December

We're working up to Christmas this year with 6-days of Dockhand releases. How do you like your porters? With chocolate? We got you covered. Coffee? Yep. Coconut? Oh heck yes. So keep your Christmas week open and get ready for a robust ol' time!

19th: Cantankerous Dockhand YTBD Cask.

20th: Barrel Aged Recalcitrant Dockhand.

21st: Inveterate Dockhand, Robust chocolate oatmeal porter steeped with SRSLY Chocolate cacao nibs. 7.9%ABV 23 IBU

22nd: Chococonut Dockhand, Inveterate Dockhand with toasted coconut. 

23rd: Crotchety Dockhand, our robust coffee porter blended with Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. cold brewed coffee. 7.0%ABV 23 IBU

24th: Agent Cooper, Crotchety Dockhand with cherries.

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