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Fall 2014 Members' Assembly Meeting

Our 2014 Fall Members’ Assembly Meeting is coming up on Sunday, October 26th from 12-2pm. We'll hear from our 2014 Board candidates, vote on proposed changes to our bylaws, get an update from our Workers' Assembly, talk about the future of our co-op, and conclude voting for our 2015 Board of Directors and 2015 member-selected community support

Proposed Agenda

  • Member comment
  • Board Update and ARRC Report – Erin and John (10 min)
  • Candidate Statements – intro Scott (15 min)
  • Bylaws and Voting – MLC change: Annelies (5 min)
  • Board mtg change: Joe (5 min)
  • MA mtg change: Johnny (5 min)
  • Operations Update – Nicole (10 min)
  • Break/In-person Voting (15 min)
  • Expansion Update – Nicole (10 min)
  • Vision Discussion – intro Kenley, recap Charles (30 min total)
  • Election and Community Support Results – Steve (10 min)
  • Adjourn

If you are unable to attend the Fall Members' Assembly Meeting, we encourage you to cast a ballot online. Voting continues until the Members' Assembly meeting on Sunday, October 26th. 

As a reminder, we need a quorum of 50 member-owners to begin the meeting so the first 50 member-owners to arrive get a pint of house beer. Additionally, the day of our meeting is also a Member-Owner Appreciation Day, with $1.50 off house beers and 15% off food. We look forward to seeing you there!

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