6:30 pm18:30

Beers N' Bikes: The One with Dogs :3

Riders! We're gonna make the most of this glut of nice-niiiice January weather by cruising through Crestview once again. This time we're going on a brisk little ride (5 mi circuit, 31 min total ride time) to Yard Bar and Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon. 

What to bring: your bike (!!), lights, cash, and maybe some dog treats!?


6:30pm :: Meet Up at Black Star
7:30pm :: Take off!

Stop 1 :: Yard Bar

Stop 2 :: The Little Longhorn Saloon

10:00pm :: Return to Black Star

As always, there'll be $3 house beers at Black Star and special menu items for riders. Deals and discounts from our other stops will be announced when they are confirmed!

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7:00 pm19:00

Mario Kart Tournament: the Black Star Co-oopa Cup!

For one night only, COOPERATION is dead and COMPETITION reigns supreme! Black Star Co-op is hosting the first ever CO-OPA CUP, to crown the fastest cartoon kart racer in the greater Austin area!

Game Version :: Mario Kart Wii 

Game Mode :: Grand Prix

Display Format :: Projector

Prizes :: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place 

7:00pm, Sign-up
7:30pm, Overview + Rules
8:00pm - 10:00pm, Tournament

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6:00 pm18:00

Member-Owner Beer Social

Calling all Member-Owners! We're hosting a throwback beer social, in the vein of the monthly yard gatherings of old where Black Star Co-op first took shape. Enjoy socializing with fellow Member-Owners, directors, and workers in a casual setting—there's no agenda at this meeting! 

Member-Owners in attendance will receive 2 beer tokens at the door, which'll be good to exchange for any of our house beers. 

If there's anything else you'd like to see make a nostalgic beer social return, just let us know (though, leg wrestling is probably off the table... probably)!

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3:00 pm15:00

Midtown Social Happy Hour

We've resolved to be better neighbors this year, that's why we'll be extending happy hour an extra two hours on the 12th for Midtown residents. If you're new to the complex, or you've been a pillar of the commons community, we want you to stop by and have a pint in the spirit of neighborly love!

Our new Happy Hour Menu:

High Esteem
Recalcitrant Dockhand

Black Star Burger (no fries) $8
Cheese Board $12
Seasoned Chips (add cheddar for free) $5
Fried Cheese Curds $5
Pickle Bowl $3

Love Sauvignon Blanc $5
Love Pinot Noir $5

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Jan 1

New Year's Eve at the Pub

Black Star Co-op is ringing in the New Year with cheer + beer! Join us on the last day of 2016 for new food and drink specials announced on the hour—counting down to midnight!

What to expect: 

Food specials, drink specials, and sparkling wine at 12'. We'll also be showing the ball drop on the projector.

+Singing (maybe). Dancing (hopefully). Good company (certainly).

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5:00 pm17:00

Tap Takeover: Save the World Brewing Co.

"America’s first 100% philanthropic production craft brewery. We are a brewer owned and operated (BOO) brewery. After years of perfecting our recipes and using only the finest grains, hops and yeast, we feel we have crafted some delicious ales for you, but grab a bottle and decide for yourself, knowing that you’re helping to Save The World one beer at a time!"

Full tap list:

Apple Spice Froctum Bottom
Jonah's Relief

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11:00 am11:00

Community Support: Christmas Eve Toy Donations

Member-owners!! This December 24th, we'll be collecting toy donations for Safe Place Austin—one of our member-owner selected organizations for the Co-op to support.

SafePlace provides safety for individuals and families affected by domestic violence, and sexual assault and exploitation through campus-based prevention and intervention services. In addition, the organization promotes safe and healthy relationships, increasing the capacity for abuse prevention in Central Texas. SafePlace works with community partners to create change in attitudes, behaviors and policies that perpetuate the acceptance of, and impact our understanding and responses to, sexual and domestic violence. SafePlace is a Founding Partner with the Austin Children’s Shelter of The SAFE Alliance, or SAFE | Stop Abuse For Everyone.

We would also like to encourage you to visit their website to make cash donations: http://www.safeaustin.org/safeplace/  

Dec 24

The Dockhand Days of December

We're working up to Christmas this year with 6-days of Dockhand releases. How do you like your porters? With chocolate? We got you covered. Coffee? Yep. Coconut? Oh heck yes. So keep your Christmas week open and get ready for a robust ol' time!

19th: Cantankerous Dockhand YTBD Cask.

20th: Barrel Aged Recalcitrant Dockhand.

21st: Inveterate Dockhand, Robust chocolate oatmeal porter steeped with SRSLY Chocolate cacao nibs. 7.9%ABV 23 IBU

22nd: Chococonut Dockhand, Inveterate Dockhand with toasted coconut. 

23rd: Crotchety Dockhand, our robust coffee porter blended with Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. cold brewed coffee. 7.0%ABV 23 IBU

24th: Agent Cooper, Crotchety Dockhand with cherries.

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12:00 pm12:00

Black Star Co-op Presents: The Midtown Market

winter market.jpg

A holiday crafts market is popping up at the Crestview Plaza (right outside the light rail stop)! Products from a myriad of Austin creatives will be for sale. So, if you're the late-in-month gift buying type—get yourself over here!

Dia's Market
Humble Blade & Edge Company
Bike Farm
Happy Clouds Smoke Shop
Cheavens Gallery
Sailor Betty's
Verbena Hill Studio
Amanda Lynn Jewelry


Other local vendors and artists TBA!

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6:30 pm18:30

Date Night: Share a Steak with a Date

We're dedicating a night in chilly December to a very un-chilly feeling: love! 

We'll prepare a three-course menu that includes: salad, steak with condiments and chips, and dessert cheese (all built for two). 

Beer and wine pairing suggestions will accompany each course— with a special discount on bottles. 

A word from your chef on the prospective menu:

"As of now, I know we are going to do the Mt. Tam for the cheese course. And, I'm feeling a bavette, chuck eye, and maybe a strip for the third option for a steak for two." 

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6:30 pm18:30

Beers N' Bikes: Crestview Charity Ride

'Tis the Season: Bring non-perishable food donations (whatever you can comfortably carry) as we'll be stopping by the Hope Food Pantry to start the ride! Also, caroling? What do y'all think? You down to sing some "All I Want for Christmas is You" at people?

Start Time: 6:30pm
Take off: 7:30pm

Start: Black Star Co-op
Stop 1: Hope Food Pantry
Stop 2: Crown and Anchor
Stop 3: Workhorse
Finish: Black Star Co-op

Specials: $3 Beers at Black Star, $3 Beers at Workhorse, maybe some other stuff (nudge-nudge, Crown and Anchor).

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12:00 pm12:00

Patio Pooch Revue: Austin's Cutest Dog Contest

Bring the cutest/hairiest members of your family to Black Star Co-op this Sunday for our Patio Pooch Revue! 

We're hosting a cutest dog contest on our patio to celebrate our favorite patio dwelling patrons! There will be two winners: one chosen via a vote by all our attendees, and another chosen by our Pub Team Judges!

12pm: Start! Enter your pooch in the contest. Parade your pup around for our judges!

2pm: Winners Announced

The winners will receive a pitcher of beer, an appetizer of their choosing, and a prize for the prized pooch!

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5:00 pm17:00

Tap Takeover: Victory Brewing Company

Featured Beers: 

Storm King Imperial Stout
Winter Cheers Wheat Ale
Black Board Oatmeal Porter w/ Hazelnut
Golden Monkey Belgain Tripel

+ Glassware with a purchase

"Victory Brewing Company is a privately held microbrewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Begun by Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, childhood friends who met on a school bus in 1973, the brewery formally began operations in February of 1996. Victory, Pennsylvania's widely acclaimed brewery and restaurant, now serves fans of fully flavored beers in 29 states with innovative beers melding European ingredients and technology with American creativity."

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5:00 pm17:00

Collaboration Release: Jim Crust's Friendship

This one's for you, Jim. 

We're collaborating with fellow co-operators 4th Tap Brewing Co-op for a brand new brew: Jim Crust's Friendship. The beer, a Cherrywood smoked imperial friendship brew, is dedicated to our most beloved denizen of the craft beer world—Jim Crust.

The recipe was designed with a significant portion of rye malt and balanced out with a bit of cherrywood smoke. Suggested situational pairing: with a leather bound book in one hand and an unlit cigar in the other (Bite it. It's for the look, don't light it).

9% ABV

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4:00 pm16:00

Red Line Brewery Tour: 1 Year Anniversary


Join us as we celebrate the the first anniversary of the Red Line Brewery Tour!

4:30p - 10p - Saturday, Nov. 19th 2016

Breweries (North to South): Circle Brewing Company at Kramer Station, Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery at Crestview Station, and Zilker Brewing Company at Plaza Saltillo Station.

How it works:
Take the Capital MetroRail Red Line to visit 3 local Austin breweries and get a NEW FREE Industry Print Shop Red Line trucker hat. Each brewery is just minutes from Capital MetroRail stops.

Steps to earn a FREE trucker hat:
1) Get a Red Line Brewery Tour punch card, available at all 3 breweries
2) Buy at beer at each brewery to get that brewery's stamp on your punch card
3) Completion of punch card with all 3 brewery stamps results in a free Red Line Trucker Hat
***PLEASE NOTE: Supplies of free hats are limited and will be given out on a first-come, first served basis to the first 200 people who complete the tour***

BONUS - Show your Capital MetroRail ticket stub for $1 off beers at each brewery from 4:30pm-10p.

Check the Rail Schedule Here, MetroRail service begins at 4:00pm going South from Kramer Station, 4:44pm going North from Plaza Saltillo Station.


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6:30 pm18:30

Beers N' Bikes: Crestview Social Ride Pt. III


Hey All, we're returning to Crestview for this month's edition of Beers N' Bikes. In what is sure to be a night fondly remembered, if also hazily remembered, we're hitting up some of the local dives. 

Start: Black Star Co-op

Checkpoint 1: The Aristocrat Lounge

Checkpoint 2: Barfly's

End: Black Star Co-op

Length of Ride: A 6.4 mile circuit.

Cost of Beer: House beers at Black Star will be $3 for all social riders. The Aristocrat will offer $4 Moscow Mules. And, well, according to Barfly's "our drinks are cheap so you don't have to be." 

Meet us at the co-op around 6:30pm, we'll kick-off from there at 7:15.

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6:00 pm18:00

Election Night Watch Party

We're hosting an Election Night Watch Party at the Co-op! Drinks, food, and entertainment will be available in an amount of your choosing. We're still working out the event details, but we'll keep y'all updated. 

It will be fun, we promise you that. We promise you that. That, we promise you. Bigly.

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5:00 pm17:00

Pint Night: Saint Arnold Pumpkinator 2016

We're tapping the 2015 & 2016 editions of Pumpkinator. We'll have complimentary glassware to accompany any purchases (while supplies last). 

"Everything is a little over the top with this beer which perversely makes it balanced. Beyond the big malt bill, it has pumpkin (lots of it), molasses, brown sugar and a healthy load of spices. It’s 10% ABV which makes it a dessert by itself or the perfect accompaniment to your holiday meal. It is also helpful in coping with those relatives who are convinced that the rest of the world agrees with their politics and you are dying to hear about them.

This is a beer that ages magnificently. Many really enjoy it most after a year or two. If you do want to lay some down, it is best to age this beer at cold temperatures (your refrigerator is highly recommended over your closet)."

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5:00 pm17:00

Collaboration Release: ATXBrewpubCollusion

Austin's brewpubs (Red Horn, Pinthouse, ABGB, Uncle Billys, NXNW, and us) are collaborating on a new beer! 

Using the same base recipe, each brewpub is brewing their own unique version of the beer. That means there'll be 8 different versions (with NXNW and Pinthouse's second locations). 

The method to the madness: working from the base design, we'll each use specific hops in the proportions we think best.

The restrictions on the beers:

Original gravity: 13*P
SRM: 8*L
Pilsner malt base
Mosaic and Columbus hops only

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5:00 pm17:00

Tap Takeover: The Bruery

"The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in barrel aged and experimental ales."


Trade Winds — Belgian Tripel brewed with rice and thai basil

Mischief — dry hopped Belgian golden ale

Mash & Vanilla — English Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans

Jardinier — Belgian style pale ale



6:30 pm18:30

Beers N' Bikes Social Ride: Northern Exposure

For October's Beers N' Bikes Social Ride, we're headed north to kick it with our Co-op comrades—4th Tap Brewing Co-op. We'll also be stopping by a vintage north Burnet haunt, C. Hunt's Ice House.

Start: Black Star Co-op

Checkpoint 1: 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative

Checkpoint 2: C-Hunt's Ice House

End: Black Star Co-op

Length of Ride: An 11.0 mile circuit. (Nearly twice as long as our previous rides).

Cost of Beer: House beers at Black Star and 4th Tap will be $3 for all social riders. C. Hunt's is running an all-day happy hour with $2.50 beer. 

Meet us at the co-op at 6:30pm, we'll kick-off from there at 7:15.

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