As the daily temperature rises and the quest for thirst-quenchers embarks, I have a suggestion for you–try sour beers. Sour beers can come in all shapes and styles, but one thing they all have in common is acid.  Lactic acid, acetic acid, and various fruity esters from the acids form a tart and refreshing kick to any beer. Combine the tartness with effervescence from high carbonation levels and some balancing sweetness and you get a perfect Summer drink.

In an effort to embrace the oppressive heat, Black Star Co-op would like to offer the Summer of Sours. Throughout the next few months, we’ll have various releases of sour ales that span the spectrum of sour styles. There are two full-batch Irrational releases–Waterloo (already on tap; sour American wheat ale (SAWA) with peaches) and we’re bringing back a Member-Owner sourced favorite–Old Sour Dewberry! This beer by Member-Owners Dan and Joelle Dewberry has won not once, but twice, a blind taste-test competition of sour-mashed beers. This time around, the Old Sour Dewberry will be entered into the Great American Beer Festival ProAm Competition in Denver in October.

Additionally, we here in the brewery dumped some Cul Sec into some small oak barrels almost 2 years ago. We added various kinds of souring bacteria and wild yeast and let them sit (mostly) undisturbed while the cobwebs grew up around them.  What we ended up with is a spectrum of sour ales that can be blended together to give varying levels of acidity and funkiness.  We are going to be releasing 3 blends from those barrels in a new series we’ve dubbed “Co-opacetic Sour Series.”  Each blend was laboriously and meticulously mixed to exact specifications by three dudes that have never done this before.  Nonetheless, they all turned out pretty darn good and I’m excited to be releasing them throughout the Summer.

And finally, what would a Sour Summer be without a sour cask?  Fellow brewer Chris Hamje and new cellarman Andy Martinec will be coming up with a concoction that is yet to be named but will use Waterloo as the base and combine creme de menthe.

We’ll have a VERY limited release of the few Dr. Vainglory bottles we saved. Be sure to like us on Facebook for the announcement of the release.

Co-opecetic Dates:
Co-opacetic #1  - July 30
Co-opacetic #2 – Aug 13
Co-opacetic #3 – Aug 27